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Hi! I'm Marinus. Self-employed web developer since 2013 and working with web since 2009. WordPress found it's way in my workflow for websites pretty early. I've had my thoughts about the system since it's a blogging platform but that changed the more I was working with it. Nowadays it's an even better CMS to build great websites on!

I like the freedom of being self-employed. It creates the possibility to travel long-term, which I'm going to start in January 2016. I love to meet all kinds of people while being on the road; Entrepreneurs, World-Travelers, People from everywhere!

But work stays a priority for me, and so is quality Wi-Fi/internet, without that I couldn't do my job. The ideal thing is that I'm very productive while traveling, cause there's so much more to do. It's different than being home or at the office. For my 2016 trip a strong internet connection will be mandatory.

I work with a lot of different clients, but really prefer clients who know their goals. Why? Because websites have a lot to do with that. Ask me to build a website without any goals, and I could built whatever i want, right? So, what's the point, couldn't be better you say? Wait until clients show their feedback to completely turn the website around. Nope, that's not for me anymore.

So. You come to me with a plan. We'll go through it together, see what you want to accomplish, we'll talk about functionalities in the website, future plans, usability, everything that's important. Now I've got something to work with, next up is estimating the time it'll cost me and sending this estimate to you. I'll never sent an invoice without an estimate first.