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Atom and keyboard shortcuts (keymapping)

March 7, 2017 by Marinus Klasen » - no comments

I used to work with Coda before making the switch to Atom. Here and there I catch myself using keyboard shortcuts that Atom does not recognise – like: Go to line (cmd-shift-G)

Apparently there is a package in Atom for the functionality, but the keyboard shortcut is cntrl-G, which is not really nice to use on a Macbook keyboard.

So I went to Settings->Keybindings and there is the beautiful overview of all links. And apparently you can overwrite these on a CSS kinda way. In the Settings->Keybindings screen you’ll find a link to your keymap file (~/.atom/keymap.cson)

Overwriting a keybinding is as simple as:

And there you go! The new keybinding (cmd-shift-G) is functional the moment you hit save!

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