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Call for Projects in the Events & Conferences industry

February 8, 2017 by Marinus Klasen » - no comments

The focus for mklasen in 2017 is events and conferences. Therefore I am looking for organisations in this industry that want to improve their web presence. I like working with organisations in this industry and would like to learn more about it. Is your organisation like this? Contact me and see what we can do for eachother.

What I am searching for:

  • Organisations in the event and conferences industry that want to improve their presence on the web. This can be kicking off new projects from start or improving the current presence.
  • Companies and organisations that are active on events and conferences

My goal:

  • Improving the web presence of organisations in this industry
  • Learning the ins -and outs of the industry

Future goals might exist of creating software products for events and conferences, these may exist of:

  • Planning meetings around conferences
  • Tools for online meetings, especially considering timezones.

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