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What’s the best way to develop your business’ online presence? Who should you hire?
Go with an agency or with an independent developer? Should you work with a theme or a tailor-made theme? I’m happy to help out with all questions regarding website development.

Developer of Sympose and owner of Conference7.

About me

In the last decade I’ve worked on projects for a variety of customers that are displayed above. I’m passionate about conferences and other knowledge sharing initiatives. An example is the development of the Sympose Conference plugin for WordPress. I’ve built various webinar/live video implementations and am experienced with platforms like BuddyPress and LearnDash.

I’m happy to help out with advice on website development, second opinions or actual software development. If you just need a push in the right direction for your project, do not hesitate to contact either.

Testimonials from clients and colleagues

Marinus has worked with us for close to a decade. He is part of the original team who made the first Wi-Fi NOW event of 2015 in Amsterdam happen and he has been an critical part of the Wi-Fi NOW organisation ever since. Marinus is the creator of all the Wi-Fi NOW websites and services including this site and associated event websites, the online shop, event platforms, and more.

Claus Hetting, CEO, Wi-Fi NOW Global

Marinus is my go-to consultant on business and software development. We’ve discussed technical aspects of various projects and he has always been able to give a clear explanation with a friendly approach. In our work together i’ve always experienced the opportunity to further develop my knowledge and talents.

Nahdie ter Haar, Owner, Festivalmakkers

Brands & Projects


Premia makes it possible for any WordPress plugin developer to easily sell and update plugins from their own websites.


Conference7 is the link between event companies and Sympose. Conference7 builds professional event websites using the power of Sympose.


Sympose is the WordPress plugin for conferences. Sympose adds all the basics you need to get your conference website setup.


Blog articles on this website are mostly about development, issues I run into, development environments, backing up devices like MacOS and iPhone to an Ubuntu server, development tips in WordPress and more. You’ll find both english and dutch articles here.


Other information

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